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Mr Pollution with a capital P and I’m British

If I tried very hard I wonder how much oil I could spill? I bet I could manage to spill a hell of a lot of if I made it my life’s mission. I could even target vulnerable wildlife habitats to get as many endangered species all tarred up as possible. I’d probably become famous and get my picture in the tabloid press. But what would be the use. I haven’t a hope in hell of ever becoming Mr Pollution with a capital P. Even if I didn’t get caught, even if I was really clever and worked very hard at spilling oil I honestly don’t believe that I could ever outdo BP. I mean BP seem to have even outdone Exxonmobil. But wait, I’ve just had a great idea if I changed my name and moved to Africa. Lets see, I think an African country with a large river delta and called myself something that rhymes will Bell or Hell maybe, just maybe I could have a chance. Imagen if I could really become the most irresponsible polluting person on the planet. Wouldn’t that be something, but the competition is hard. Oh yeah the competition is so very hard.


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