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The Dangers of Cycle Paths

First published in Bicycle fixation August 2008

by Ian Fiddies (August 2008)

Cycle paths are something that have bothered me for many years. Are cycle paths the best way to promote cycling? I’ve lived and cycled in European cities that had almost no cycle infrastructure at all and in cities with a comprehensive network of cycle paths where the cyclist hardly ever needs to cycle on the road. When I moved from London, UK to Gothenburg, Sweden in 1990 I remember feeling extremely frustrated by the cycle paths. I was used to what could be called vehicular cycling. In London I had been the fastest thing on the road but in Gothenburg I wasn’t. And that’s a hard blow for a young man in his early twenties. Although not quite a hard enough blow to stop me cycling. Later the same year 1990 I was visiting London together with my Swedish partner, who was a regular cyclist in Gothenburg. Try as I might I never managed to persuade her to take to the streets of London on a bike a second time. The first time was enough. Continue reading ‘The Dangers of Cycle Paths’


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